• Everyone is required to follow state guidelines regarding Covid-19.
  • Everyone is required to thoroughly wash their hands upon arrival to NCBL.
  • Tenants are requested to not allow employees or consultants into the building who are ill.
  • Visitors are restricted to a “must needed” basis.
  • All tenants are encouraged to maintain social distancing and wear face masks in the common areas.
  • All common areas are sanitized and disinfected daily.

Laboratory and Production Spaces at NCBL

Designed for life science companies needing an auxiliary lab while expansions are built, deadlines loom, or concepts need quick proof, free from potential security risks and cross-contamination that can arise in benchwork environments, NCBL offers labs with BSL2 and BSL2+ safety practices. No other single-tenant labs for lease in San Diego meets this biological safety level.

All labs come furnished with all the basic equipment required, without the need for a huge capital outlay, so life science companies, corporate research divisions, as well as venture-backed startups can put resources to work immediately – often within 24 hours – and focus on the science.

  • 24/7 access available to your private lab and office
  • Confidentiality agreements signed with all tenants
  • No interest in IP or share of future revenues required
Single-Tenant Laboratory Spaces for Life Science Companies

Covid-19 Protocols

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