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A Letter from Our Founder

Our family started North County Biotech Laboratories about 10 years ago. We believed then, and still do now, that startup and mezzanine-stage companies in Southern California need an affordable way to continue their research in developing important novel, therapeutic medicines without burning through cash on equipment and long-term leases.

Having started and managed a number of biotech companies requiring BSL2 facilities, I personally realize how vital having a secure laboratory with dedicated equipment is for the safety of the researchers, the validation of the results, and the protection of intellectual property. Potential cross-contamination and open notebooks are an invitation to false data and theft. Now, with the serious issues that Covid-19 presents, having a dedicated lab is even more important to allow for social distancing while maintaining that vital research.

Our private, fully equipped laboratories are unique to North County San Diego and are available on demand. They enable companies to finalize proof of principle and move research to the next phase of drug development – an opportunity that might not be reached without our single-tenant laboratory model.

At North County Biotech Laboratories, we are passionate about supporting research to find the cures of the future and solving biotech problems that ultimately help mankind. Like so many other families, we have had family members and friends impacted by incurable disease and have experienced the heartbreak of losing precious loved ones too soon. Have we all not watched the ads for St. Jude’s and sipped away a tear? That’s what motivates us daily.

We’re not interested in revenue share or a percentage of a scientist’s IP. We’re motivated by the chance that life-saving therapies that put patients first can be born right here in our private labs. I can’t think of anything more worthwhile than that.


Dexter Gaston
Founder and CEO
North County Biotech Laboratories

Private, quality labs to advance your research

North County Biotech Laboratories was founded to aid in the development and growth of innovative, novel therapies and medicines. In our private, secure labs, scientists expand their research, free of anxiety they might have in a shared benchwork environment. Because our laboratories are fully furnished with all the basic equipment required to get started, there is no need for a huge capital outlay and you can put your resources to work immediately, with a focus on the science. 

Less risk to your IP, pocketbook, time, and health

Private labs allow for independence from corporate research divisions, provide privacy and confidentiality from other company departments or experimental groups, eliminate risk of cross-contaminations, all while protecting your IP. Private, lockable labs with no shared equipment also protects you and your team from exposure to COVID-19.  We operate under BSL2 and BSL2+ safety practices with very strict standards; nowhere else in San Diego meets this biological safety level.


North County Biotech Laboratories provide all the foundational equipment needed, as well as advice and training on specialized equipment as your needs change. Our onsite maintenance specialists manage cleaning and equipment maintenance – mitigating downtime when equipment needs repair. We simply replace the equipment from our inventory supplied by LabTrader

Several private furnished offices and conference rooms are available in combination with the labs that complement the research effort

The right choice for life science teams, small biotech companies and investors who seek confidentiality

We sign confidentiality agreements with all our clients and have no claim on your IP and no interest in shared revenue. Our aim is to help advance cures and innovations that will serve the greater good. With competitive monthly rental fees, short-term contracts, and no long-term leases to worry about, your investors will be happy, too!